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Kasey Warner
Kasey Warner (formerly known as Kasy Warner and Kasey Tyler) was born and grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. She graduated high school and spent one year on college but didn’t like it that much and decided to pursue her career in the porn industry. She used to play tennis and was a hard core theater nerd in middle school and in high school. Kasey also sang in the school chorus from the 4th grade on.When Kasey was sixteen years old she decided to lose her virginity. She did it at a party with a guy she met a week before the party occurred. Before that, she was always interested in human sexuality. She googled and read all possible articles on sex and human’s sexuality and what happens to the body during sex and then simply needed the practical part to experience the theory. During her first time she didn’t give the guy oral sex; she was simply there to lose her virginity and that was that. Afterwards she didn’t become promiscuous at all. During her college time she experimented with a few guys but again, she wasn’t overdoing it. She doesn’t consider herself to be a nymphomaniac, simply finds human sexuality really interesting. Kasey was always responsible about her health and always used protection. Before porn she has slept with nine guys. Kasey has always been interested in performing and entertaining people and at the same time she was fascinated by human sexuality. At one point she wanted to be a sexologist, but for that she needed to spend 8 years in college and get a PhD and no matter how much she loves to read and learn, she never wanted to be told to sit down and read certain books. Kasey has ADHD (attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder) and everything becomes boring to her after a short time. That’s how she realized that she should pursue her career in the adult entertainment industry. Prior her porn career she watched porn for years and loved it. After she entered the porn industry she became much more comfortable with her sexuality and her own body. Kasey stated that porn lets her explore the things she is nterested in, in a very safe and professional enviorment.Kasey WarnerHer first scene was not made for a big production. It was only her, the male talent and a camera guy. Even though there were not many people behind the camera she was excited and nervous. Once she filmed it, she realized that it was a nice and well choreographed sex. In these past two years she has filmed plenty of scenes in many genres like teen, masturbation, threesome, blowjob, group sex etc. Among the many notable companies she has collaborated with Kink and EroticaX. Kasey doesn’t have a favorite position; she enjoys every position that gives the partners closeness. When comes to guys or girls (she is bisexual) she likes intelligent and open minded people, who can talk about actual subjects and have interests in many different things except getting drunk. She is fond of people who like to cook and are adventurous. Men with beard are her weakness.Within the two years of her career she didn’t have sex with anyone off camera because she doesn’t like to go to a bar and pick someone. Porn gives her the opportunity to have sex often and with handsome men who are tested and she absolutely loves that. Her brother knows about her work and fully supports her. Kasey loves cooking and is vegan who spends a lot of time shopping groceries and trying new recipes. In her spare time she loves reading and watching TV and hanging out with friends and her dog.
  • Country: United States
  • Date of Birth: 1995-09-09
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Measurements: 34B - 25 - 34
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Pseudonyms: Kasy Warner, Kasey Tyler
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